Friday, January 31, 2020

Dada Arts influence on later 20th Century Art Research Paper

Dada Arts influence on later 20th Century Art - Research Paper Example The Dada leaders emphasized a total deletion of all prior prescribed rules, dogmas, and formulas. The movers insisted that the current system that controls societal ethics, moralities, and cultures must be replaced by freedom. Freedom includes the freedom do whatever one feels is art. The Dada art movers insisted that there will be no more rules, especially art rules. Thus, anyone can draw, paint, or take a picture of mundane objects and classify such ordinary objects as art (Brill 72). Further, Verkauf criticized the members of the Dada movements as individuals who prioritizing shocking society with their unorthodox art masterpieces. Verkauf reiterated that the art pieces of the Dada artists are both shocking and without any sense of reality, including artistic art sense. Some terms were recognized ad Dada art inspired. Picadia reiterated that the Dada Art movement did not expecting anything. They wanted nothing, nothing, and nothing. The Dada artists want the viewers of their art masterpieces and understand nothing, nothing, and nothing. The Dada artists clearly want freedom the established societal art norms (Brill 72). In addition, one of the founders of the Dadaism art movement is Marcel Duchamp. Duchamp and other Dadaism did not accept the popularity of the conventional art genres. Instead, Duchamp focused on the subject of the found art style. The style is characterized by the depicting an object or situation that one interestingly find.

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