Monday, December 30, 2019

Cloning Is The New Black - 2527 Words

Michael Woodcock Professor Theis Research Paper 8 December, 2014 Cloning is the New Black Cloning could potentially allow advances in science that will benefit society as a whole. Cloning of both humans and animals can help advancements in curing a variety of diseases. Those who oppose this proposition believe it is morally and ethically wrong. Proponents for cloning animals know that it can allow for a healthier lifestyle and help maximize production numbers, while opponents think that the technologies will be abused. Cloning has caused a number of arguments. Individuals are arguing what is morally acceptable, the roles animals should play, and how the government should decide on the issue. Because of these disagreements, cloning has†¦show more content†¦After much debate, they had agreed that research and applying these methods will show promise and benefits to better human health while mindful to the ethical concerns and maintaining defense for human rights (United Nations). Cloning shows a promising future in the medical field. Scientists have faith that ste m cells show reassuring sources for advance remedies. With recent advances in research, scientists can possibly create cures for several diseases and create stand in tissues developed from a subject’s body cells (Follow-up). Stem cells are known for their wide variety of uses. Because of this characteristic, scientists can do almost anything with them making them beneficial to medical research. Eventually, scientists hope to manipulate cells into a wide variety of organs and tissues to help treat people with an assortment of illnesses. Once researchers can understand what causes these diseases, they will eventually be able to prevent them with genetic engineering. Recently, Israeli scientists announced that they have managed to grow embryonic cells to create specific organ cells like those from the heart and pancreas (Hope). President Obama reinforces the idea that â€Å"these tiny cells may have the potential to help us understand, and possibly cure, some of our most devast ating diseases† (Follow-up). Although many might believe humans should go by the principle that only the strong survive, there are individuals who think it is inhumane

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