Monday, November 18, 2019

Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy - Essay Example The Governor of Texas, John Connally and his better half was also present there inside the car along with Mr. & Mrs. Kennedy. Sitting in a Lincoln convertible, the Kennedys and Connallys waved at the extensive and energetic swarms assembled along the parade way. As their vehicle passed the Texas School Book Depository Building at 12:30 p.m., Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly shot three shots from the sixth storey, lethally wounding President Kennedy and genuinely harming Governor Connally. Kennedy was professed dead 30 minutes after the fact at Dallas Parkland Hospital. He was 46. Following the incident, several investigative sources stated several reasons behind the assassination of the President. There were numerous questions among the general public like, â€Å"who killed the president?† and â€Å"why he was killed?† this report will find the answers for these questions. Thus the thesis statement here can be established as, â€Å"exploring the mystery behind the presiden t’s murder and finding out the most reasonable theory related to the murder†. Maybe the focal mystery is the means by which a man who appeared to be a loser could execute such a horrendous action. Lee Harvey Oswald was aimless, to a great extent alone, distracted, as per the official Warren Commission report. Yet in seconds, he changed the course of history. History is loaded with ludicrous truths – yet regardless. The single shooter hypothesis is one numerous Americans discover hard to acknowledge. The Warren Commission, headed by US Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren, stated that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. At the same time today, 61 percent of the respondents to another Gallup survey still say they accept somebody other than Oswald was involved in the case. There are three more mysteries related to the incident. Thin at the starting, they open to uncover bigger inquiries at the close. Numerous investigators pose to

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